• Kinetic Architecture

    Using Arduino and servo motors to have the movement of each part.

  • Knitted Cloud

    Instructor: Marcelo Spina Team: Mehrzad Rafeei,Somayyeh Ramezani, Summer Studio 2012, Sci-Arc Contemporary digital design has always had a certain disconnection with its possible physical incarnation. Abstracted away from material properties, digital geometry floats in Euclidean space unaware of the physical constraint of what it represents. Our project attempts to bridge that divergence. Knitted Cloud is …

  • Knitting with robots (intricacies)

    Instructor: Peter Testa Team: Mehrzad Rafeei,Somayyeh Ramezani, Amir Hbibabadi Fall Studio 2011, Sci-Arc The project is based on the intricacies of knots in weaving and understanding of motion path of robots in creation of each knot. The challenge in robotic weaving is creating the knot by using 6 axis robots. Knots are the basic motion …

  • High Resolution ( Panelization and Projection)

    Instructor: W. Andrew Atwood Team: Mehrzad Rafeei,Somayyeh Ramezani, Ziba Esmaeilian 2012, Sci-Arc 3D image mapping and video projection using Rhino and Grasshopper and Touch Designer.