• Tension to particle

      Instructor: Satoru Sugihara Team: Mehrzad Rafeei,Somayyeh Ramezani 2012, Sci-Arc Using Physics simulation in Igeo library in processing

  • High Resolution ( Panelization and Projection)

    Instructor: W. Andrew Atwood Team: Mehrzad Rafeei,Somayyeh Ramezani, Ziba Esmaeilian 2012, Sci-Arc 3D image mapping and video projection using Rhino and Grasshopper and Touch Designer.

  • Interior Design (Dental Clinic)

      Isfahan, 2009 Team work: Mehrnoosh Latifi, Mehrzad Rafeei, Alireza Karbasioun

  • Urban Vicinity

      Instructor: Mohammd Omumi  Azad University, 2003 The form of this urban vicinity was gotten from an Islamic pattern that divides the square into four equal parts. the central part of this pattern works as a public place in this vicinity. I tried to design a responsive place to climate and historical regards.